Fix Call When using Headset/Earphone in All MM(6.0) ROMS

Hi guys.. Today I will Show you how to fix answering call during using Headset or earphone... When
Headset or Earphone
is plugged in your device (running on
custom marshmallow rom
) and suddenly you get any incoming call  then you cant answer the call.. you have to remove headset/earphone to answer the was a major bug in all custom marshmallow Rom. Everyone was facing this bug. Now this major bug has been fixed and you can answer the call when using'll not have to remove it.. Thanks to 4pda & Sharapa for fixing this bug..

You have to download an app (SoundAbout) to fix this bug..Download link is given below..

  • Download and install the app
  • open and give all permission (such as notification .etc)
  • Now Make these Changes as below:-
  1.  SoundAbout Service:- On - With Status
  2. Phone call Audio:- Wired Headset (with Mic)
  3.  Go to Alert Behavior→ Wired Headset behavior → Notification to :-  headset only (override)


  • Sharapa
  • 4PDA
  • Wasim Raja


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