MoKee OS Bugless based on CM12.1

Here is the MoKee ROM based on cm12.1 and it is a bug-less rom which can be daily driver.

ListView animations
Multi window
Calendar - with lunar and solar calenders
Lunar calendar in lock screen
Task switching sidebar in recent apps (the list will increase if you install supported apps)
Bulk SMS recipients
Adjustable SMS font size
SMS sending delay
Smart dialing
Speed dialing
IP dialing
Custom carrier name
Network speed in status bar (upload and download!)
Built in timer in Apollo - determine when to stop playing music
MoKee Setup Wizard
Active Display
Adjustable navigation bar height
Unique Power Saver functions!
Custom screen off animations
Customizable recent apps shorcuts
Lockscreen notifications
Working CM12.1 theme engine
Many more! Since we are constantly adding new features, see changelogs to keep updated!

 Steps To Follow:

1.Download Rom & Gapps zips.
2.Copy them to SDcard.
3.Backup required files.
4.Reboot to Recovery Mode.
5.Do Factory Reset
6.Flash the Rom & Gapps zips.
7.Reboot device.,,,, Done....!

**Set SDcard as Default with help of XPOSED MODULE already provided in the rom.



  1. it's based on your custom kernel or stock kernel?

  2. thnx bro.. i'm currently using ur asp 5.1 custom kernel on Walton Primo GM mini...

    so now, to use this rom i have to flash stok kk kernel 1st?



      download this zip file .Flash it before flashing any 3.4.6 based rom if you are in other kernel versions.

  3. Replies
    1. September security patch build Lineage OS 13 is out.


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