Recovery img files for Aqua Star Power

Hi i made this post to provide Recovery img files Intex Aqua Star Power mobile.
And How to flash custom recovery to the mobile using SP Flash Tool.Hope U like it.

Steps To Flash custom Recovery:

Required :

  • SP Flash Tool
  • vcom drivers (installed)
  • Recovery img files (download from below links)
  • Scatter file of the device.
  • USB Cable
Steps to Follow:
  1. Open SP flash tool and Select Scatter file in scatter loading.
  2. Browse and select Scatter file of your mobile.(if you dont have scatter file generate it using MTK Droid Tools or  >>Click here<< to download scatter file for Star power).
  3. Then SP Flash Tool loads the respective files Automatically.But Deselect all files and except Recovery file.
  4. Now click on recovery file tab in Sp flash tool and browse to select the custom recovery img .
  5. Now Switch off you mobile and remove battery from it.
  6. Then click on Download Icon in SP Flash Tool and Then Connect your mobile using USB Cable.
  7. After few moments Recovery flash will be completed and its shows complete popup. then disconnect the mobile.
  8. Now reboot to recovery and DONE!....
Here is the Video Tutorial for you...

List of Recovery files to Download :

1.Philz Recovery 

This is recovery is only used to flash custom roms  based on up to android 5.1 version only.

2.TWRP v3.0.2

This recovery is used to flash any version of android like 5.xx,6.xx based custom roms.
This Recovery is only 6mb.

SCreen Shots:

3.TWRP 3.0.2

This recovery is 8mb

CREDITS to all DEV's who developed these recoveries ...

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