Pros of Star Power

Today i will tell about the pros of "Intex Aqua Star Power".
The simple and extra features that some other mobiles don't have inbuilt.
They are:
1) Cleaner
This option given notification quick toggles side. This is used to clean ram usage and clear the running apps.

2) Font Style Option
This Option is in Settings>Display list.
this Option is used to change the fonts in the mobile. there are 2 fonts are given already.
And also you can Download extra fonts by clicking the option 'more fonts' it leads to play store to download , but there you can find only few fonts.(follow the blog how to get more fonts)

3) Assistant
This option is seen at bottom of the Settings.
This Option is used as a shortcut manager where you can access shortcuts like  lock screen,Home, Capture screen, Multitask.And also you can add another 4 apps as shortcuts that you will mostly like to use.

4) Accessibility
Accessibility that can be seen in every mobile but in menu here in this mobile you can find extra feature they are
>Air-Shuffle For Music
>Air-Shuffle For FM Radio
>Air-Shuffle For Gallery
>Air-Shuffle For Camera
To use any option in these you have to ON it and you can use them by shuffling on the proximity sensor  by the finger works only while the listed app is open then only you can change anything.

5) Tethering and Portable Hotspot
This feature will be given to any mobile but here it is somewhat different.
This is given as an application where you can find in it app drawer.
The Given options in the app are
 >WiFi Hotspot
>USB Tethering
>Bluetooth Tethering
>Hotspot & Tethering Settings
Here are the options given are same to all mobiles But the difference is USB Tethering.
>USB Tethering 
This option is used to access internet from the mobile to the PC or Laptop(normal). But Most of the mobiles will connect usb tethering there is Data Connection is ON and it don't connect to PC when there is WIFI connection is available to mobile it will ask data connection.(if usb tethering is ON then Data connection must be ON).
But in this Mobile we can use WiFi to connect usb tethering .( if usb tethering is ON either Data connection or WiFi should be ON).

6)USB Internet
This option can be seen in Settings>Wireless&Networks>More>USB Internet.
This option will be active when you connect the mobile pc.
This option is used to share the internet from PC . when ON this Option it will show the directions to change the settings in the PC and to Internet from PC.

7)Developer Options
This is a developer option which is already given in Setting and we don't need to activate it.

8) OTG support
This mobile supports OTG (on the go). We can connect pendrives, Cardreaders,wired or wireless Mouse using OTG cable.

9)Battery Optimization
This feature can be seen in Settings>Battery.
Battery Optimization is Battery consumption profile which we can activate it for low Power Optimizaton and saves battery from not to drain quickly.

10) Auto call Record
This app can be seen in App Drawer>IntexZone
In this Intexzone app you can find 3 apps they
>Intex care
>Auto Call Record
>Charger management
>Intex Care
It is used to Locate the nearest Intex service centers available.
>Auto Call Record
It is an inbuilt app that can be used for auto call recording.
>Charger Management
It is used to view the recent charge logs for analyzing the charge timings.

11) Wisdom Gene
It is an app to activate options like
>Auto Answer call
>Turn over to mute
>Alarm Snooze
>Non-touch unlock
Blowing Unlock

Hope You Understand My Words.
Thank You....

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