Lineage OS 13 R80 Sepetember Security Patch

HI everyone. Here am presenting you the latest build version of Lineage OS 13 based on 3.4.6 kernel for Aqua Star Power.
This build version is up-streamed to September Security Patch and improved performance and stability than previous build.


Device Name       : Aqua Star Power
Kernel version    : 3.4.67
ROM version       : LINEAGE  OS 13

Based On          : Nougat 7.1.2


  • Stock snap camera added
  • SDcard as default
  • Live video streaming fixed
  • Lag free
  • More stable
  • Rest as usual 
Steps to Follow: 
  1. Download rom zip.
  2. copy it to sdcard
  3. Reboot to Recovery mode.
  4. Do Factory Reset.
  5. Flash Rom zip.
  6. Reboot..... Done!

1.Use Third Party Sound Recorder (click here)
2.For ROOT will be available in Developer Tools. 
           Gapps included.

Comment below if any found.




  1. Thanks for this update bro

    You put a great effort in your articles
    I want to know from you
    "What are the prerequisites that you keep in mind before porting any ROM"

    And then how you proceed further..?


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